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About Us

The practice of auctioning can be dated as far back as 500 BC when the ancient Greeks would auction the women for marriage. Auctioning of human beings has long been a thing of the past, however, the practice of auctioning has survived into present times and remains to be a fast, efficient method of turning ones assets into cash.

Peter Cody, along with his family started Cody Auctions in Kelowna in 1981. Since then Peter has held weekly auctions and has had just about any and every sort of item pass through his door. Peter’s experience and knowledge entails Estate Sales, Antiques, Collectibles, Jewellery, Artwork, Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Appraisal Services, Bankruptcy and Repossession, Business Closures and Inventory Liquidation – on-site auctions tailored to specific customer needs.

Cody Auctions has been and continues to be a long standing member and supporter of the Kelowna and surrounding area communities, customer based, family orientated and operated business that provides a much needed service to customers who require assistance to liquidate an asset into cash.